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BIM Innovations (under construction)

Train Station in Olkusz, Poland
Saarberg van der Scheer & Partners
Saarberg van der Scheer & Partners
Neudeflat, Utrecht, Nederland


BIM cooperation allows us to easily data exchange and elements control of the architectural building design en its construction project.


Workshare platform gives us an opportunity to work on one complex architectural model with many employees at the same time. Such cooperation may take place both in one office, as well as between many other offices connected in one platform throughout the whole globe.


Many years of experience working with Revit Architecture as well as contact with a highly experienced users of this software gave me a lot of confidence confirmed by certificates and project references. By trainings I have organized more people today are fully benefiting from the opportunities offered by the Revit Architecture and BIM cooperation.

Work at each scale projects have led to a wide portfolio created with Revit Architecture. As you can see there are endless possibilities that allow 3D modelling not only the pure forms but also the smallest detail and their properties.


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